The advantages of furnished rentals

There is high demand for furnished rental properties in the ‘Randstad’ conglomeration in particular. In some cases, we will recommend that landlords rent out their properties furnished. It all depends on the type of property, the location and your goals as a landlord. You can rent out your furnished property for a slightly higher amount and in all probability welcome an expat tenant. They are generally excellent tenants, with higher incomes and less opportunity to furnish their homes themselves. Furnished properties are let for an average of two years, offering you flexibility with respect to your property. This type of rental will of course not suit all landlords, but we will be happy to provide more information on the options, obligations and consequences.

  1. The ideal tenant
    If you are looking for the ideal tenant for a furnished property, then it is very important that it is correctly and fully fitted. This increases the chances of a low-risk rental and of your property remaining in good condition. Fitting out the ideal furnished property is the best way to find that perfect tenant. Adjust the furniture and fittings to the tenant you seek. If you have high-end furniture and fittings, there is a higher chance of high-end tenants choosing your property.
  2. Expectations of a furnished property
    Potential tenants will have certain expectations and requirements of a property that they wish to rent. For instance, as standard the property needs to include a washing machine, dryer and flatscreen television. Modern (kitchen) appliances and systems are also a must in all cases. In principle, tenants ought to be able to move straight into your property, meaning that cutlery, cooking utensils, bed and bath linen etc. also need to be provided. The inventory must remain complete and fully functional throughout the tenancy agreement. You need to be aware that in many cases you bear responsibility for these things as a landlord. If an appliance breaks down, and no blame can be attached to the tenant, you will have to replace it quickly. Interhouse holds full inventory lists for its landlords and you can therefore be assured that your property is complete.
  3. Tips for fitting out your rental property
    We recommend you fitting out your property in as neutral a style as possible. This will make it appeal to more people, while a neutral look also allows the future tenant to put their own stamp on the property. We understand all too well that furnishing a property will not necessarily be your area of expertise and so we offer our clients the option of using our interior design service. This will save you an enormous amount of time. Just imagine how much time it would take you to put together cupboards, beds and other pieces of furniture. We can also easily take over ordering and installation for you. In many cases, we can purchase furniture and appliances more cheaply as well thanks to our large network of top suppliers.
  4. Interhouse will help you rent out your (furnished) property
    We understand as no other that a number of choices need to be made when renting out your residential property. Our wide knowledge and over 20 years’ experience place us in an excellent position to be your partner in making the right decisions. Furnished rentals have certain advantages, and we will be happy to advise you on finding the right tenant for your property. We also understand that a face-to-face meeting is always preferable, allowing you to ask all your questions and us to decide together whether furnished rental is the right choice for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us via one of our offices, whichever is closest to you.

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