Information about buying a property

Buying a property

You only buy a home once, or at most a few times in your life. It’s therefore important to do it properly. The whole process from hunting for a property to receiving the keys is often a mix of emotions and rationale. Basically you want a property in which you will feel completely at home. You also want the purchase terms and conditions and wide-ranging legal aspects to be arranged properly. After all, the vendor’s agent only has one interest and that is to agree favourable terms and conditions for the vendor and not for you. On top of all that, there are many tasks you cannot do on your own.

The right approach to buying a property

It makes sense to contract an experienced specialist who does act in your interest. A certified buying agent with the ultimate market knowledge, access to all the (latest) property listings and with a true understanding of what you are looking for. Interhouse buying agents are just such local experts. They possess all the resources they need to search for and find you a new home, as well as arranging the purchase on your behalf at the most favourable terms and conditions. First-time buyers, home owners trading up (or down), investors and expats; basically anyone seeking a property can make use of an Interhouse buying agent, whether you’re already based in the Netherlands or coming from abroad.

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Why choose an Interhouse buying agent?

They only operate locally

Interhouse buying agents only work in a specific region. This approach means the agent can focus fully on searching for and finding the best-possible property, while also arranging a smooth purchase.

Customised approach

Each property search is different and requires a customised approach. At a face-to-face intake meeting, your agent carefully listens to you and maps out your living requirements. Next, they list what is and is not possible, agree a customized fee and set to work on your behalf.

First-rate knowledge

Interhouse buying agents are certified experts. This is crucial to serving you properly. Interhouse buying agents will ensure a pro-active purchase process and arrange the best-possible transaction.

Member of VastgoedPro

VastgoedPro is a professional body for certified estate agents. Our membership provides all our customers with the guarantees you can expect of a professional estate agent.

What does an Interhouse buying agent do on your behalf?

We’ve listed all the tasks to give you an idea of what is involved.

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What an Interhouse buying agent does on your behalf

  1. Your agent maps out your living requirements in detail during a face-to-face meeting. What is and is not possible will also be discussed in order to define a clear search profile.
  2. What has been agreed is set out in a document clearly confirming the assignment. This creates a sound basis for a productive partnership.
  3. A dynamic file is created for your assignment via All the proposed properties, viewings, correspondence, offers etc. are documented here. This gives you and your agent clear insight into the latest information at all times.
  4. A start is made on actively searching for suitable properties within your search profile. Properties that match your living requirements are selected from the registration systems of fellow estate agents and by pro-actively approaching the agent’s network. Your agent then examines them and puts them to you for consideration.
  5. Viewings are scheduled with the relevant sales agents for the suitable properties found by your agent or yourself. Your Interhouse buying agent is present at these viewings in order to assist you and to be able to form a professional opinion of the properties.
  6. If the purchase relates to an investment property, your Interhouse buying agent will advise you thoroughly on lettability, rent and the expected return. This is done in consultation with an Interhouse letting agent who possesses specific knowledge and shares an office with your buying agent.
  7. If you are interested in the property, your Interhouse buying agent notifies the vendor’s agent of this. Next, aspects such as the property’s structural condition and market value, but also any required changes/renovations, are set out in detail. Relevant documents are requested from the vendor’s agent at this stage in order to create a more complete picture of the property.
  8. Your agent checks the documents provided by the vendor’s agent. This might include a deed of division, proof of ownership, residents’ association documents or if applicable a deed creating a ground lease.
  9. Your agent consults the land registry, the relevant local council and soil information service in order to check (changes to) zoning plans, easements, (soil) contamination, underground tanks etc.
  10. If everything is in order and you decide to go ahead with the purchase, your agent will advise you on the strategy for further negotiations and any (resolutive) terms and conditions that need to be included. If you agree to the approach and terms and conditions, your agent will submit a written proposal to the vendor’s agent.
  11. Negotiations can now get under way. This is an exciting part of the purchase process. All progress is reported back to you and can be consulted in the dynamic file at all times.
  12. If all the parties agree, your new home is now within reach.  The vendor’s agent will draw up and deliver a purchase agreement. Your agent conducts a thorough check of this document in order to ensure it is correct and contains everything that has been agreed and all the (resolutive) terms and conditions.
  13. Your agent goes through and explains the purchase agreement with you in person at the Interhouse office. If everything is in order, you sign the agreement and your agent delivers the document to the vendor’s agent for signature by the vendor.
  14. Your buying agent schedules an appointment at the property you have purchased in order to have a structural survey conducted by a surveyor. This verifies and analyses the structural condition of your future home.
  15. If required, your buying agent can help you choose a notary for the transfer of ownership of the property.
  16. Your agent can also help you select a mortgage advisor in order that you can be assured of receiving professional advice on taking out a mortgage.
  17. Your agent will keep a close eye on the dates stated in the purchase agreement and ensure that these are complied with. They arrange any scheduling relating to these dates with you.
  18. The notary delivers the documents relating to delivery of the purchased property. Your buying agent will conduct a careful check of these documents.
  19. Shortly before the scheduled transfer your agent runs through a checklist with you in order to guarantee the smooth purchase of your new home.
  20. On the day of delivery of possession, your agent will inspect the property together with you and note the meter readings before you go to the notary for delivery of the property and to receive the keys.

Congratulations! Your property has been successfully purchased. We wish you every happiness in your new home!

How customers experience Interhouse

Interhouse buying agents was recommended to me as I experienced difficulty finding an apartment in The Hague. They search the market for you and assist with literally everything related to the purchase. I’m very satisfied. Thanks a lot guys!

Translated from Dutch

Mike Liu

More reasons to choose an Interhouse buying agent

  • Easy accessibility
    Interhouse buying agencies are small-scale offices and are easily accessible, even outside normal office hours. The focus is entirely on you as a customer. This means you always receive first-hand, up-to-date information on your purchase.
  • Available 7 days a week
    Properties aren’t always bought between 9am and 5pm. In addition to regular office hours, Interhouse buying agents are flexibly available by appointment to discuss your purchase and if applicable to clinch a deal.
  • Performance-related commission
    Nothing is standard at Interhouse buying agencies, and that includes our rates. Interhouse agents want to deliver more than the amount they charge for their services. You can be assured of a price that matches your assignment.
  • House-hunting together
    Sitting back and doing nothing is not an option. Successfully finding and buying a property demands action. Network, creativity, market knowledge and motivation are set to work time and again in order to provide you with the best-possible service.
  • Common goal
    The common goal is to search for, find and buy your ideal home. All using a customised approach, at the best terms and conditions and at a fair, performance-related rate.

Investing in real estate

Interhouse buying agents can assist you in purchasing a sound property investment. Local knowledge and short lines to specialist Interhouse letting agents guarantee an attractive and logical purchase. This means you can invest as safely possible while running the lowest-possible risk.

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