Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

Looking for a safe haven for your money or savings and want to earn a sound return? Then it’s important to invest wisely. You could invest in stocks or entrust your money to providers of all kinds of products that promise attractive returns, but beware!

Returns that sound too good to be true are often precisely that. A poor investment can even lead to you losing all your money. The solution is to opt for a sound strategy with a team of specialists.

How can I invest wisely?

A smart investor invests in the right real estate. As you are buying a tangible asset, capital retention is guaranteed and a sound return is perfectly feasible. Interhouse letting agents have many years’ experience of successful consultancy in smart investing. Our experts know exactly which properties make attractive investments.

Our unique approach means that an expert and experienced Interhouse specialist is available for each stage of the process. These specialists keep in close contact with each other. All decisions are therefore based on detailed information and taken in consultation with you, reducing the risk to you and assuring you of the best-possible return on your investment.

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Why should I invest with Interhouse's help?

Specialist advice at each stage

Several independent Interhouse specialists operate within a local area, each with their own area of expertise. This unique situation allows them to provide appropriate advice and assistance at each stage of the process, from buying a property all the way through to managing it.

Ultimate local market knowledge in each area of expertise

The Interhouse buying agents, Interhouse letting agents and Interhouse real estate management specialists are all completely at home in the area in which your future real estate investment is located. This local market knowledge is crucial to achieving the best results on your behalf.

Familiar with the latest laws and legislation

A property may look like a good investment at first sight. Yet local or national laws and legislation can have a fairly negative impact on this picture. Aspects such as the housing evaluation system, security of tenure, local byelaws, zoning plans or residents’ association regulations all need to be examined carefully. It takes knowledge and experience to protect you from legal surprises.

Low risk profile

Real estate investment also involves risk and can be unpredictable. All the Interhouse specialists keep a close eye on all the variables at all times in order to minimise the risk for you. A carefully considered purchase is followed by a thorough letting process and subsequently effective management. The result: you are the owner of a sound investment.

Smart investment

Purchasing the right investment on the advice of Interhouse is a smart investment. Experience shows that a return of 4 to 7.5% is realistic. Furthermore, your readily marketable real estate can be sold at any time, releasing your funds again.

Free information sessions for beginners and real estate investors

Interhouse letting agents regularly organise free evening information sessions at different offices. All the ins and outs are discussed in an informal setting for both beginners and experienced investors. Would you like to join us?

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Thank you for all the help and support provided throughout the stay at Smaragdhorst. It really has made the stay more convenient for us as tenants.

B. Shakh

Fast service!

Translated from Dutch

Kervann Ronn

What a super service received from Mareille Piena. She has assisted us very well with advice and thinks along with you. Quick response and even available outside office hours if required. You notice from the start that this is someone who is fully committed to it. So if you are looking for that personal contact and just that extra service, then I recommend the full 100% Interhouse Amersfoort. Someone who understands her profession and enjoys it, you will notice it in everything.

Translated from Dutch


Excellent and very professional service. The communication is very efficient and prompt, making you feel in good hands throughout the entire rental process. I would highly recommend Interhouse!

Translated from Dutch

Julian A. Leu

Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I think you are very professional and human. I have seen and felt the values ​​that you as a company stand for in contact. Chapeau. I will strongly announce you in my area.

Translated from Dutch

Client of Interhouse letting agents Breda

Fast and clear communication. They say what they do and do what they say. Talked to different departments and all come across as skilful and reliable. Highly recommended!

Translated from Dutch

Wes Ley

Top communication and very professional guidance during the rental of my apartment.

Translated from Dutch

Colin de Jonge

For many years, Interhouse property management has been managing my houses and I really like it. Every month I receive my rent on time and I receive a neat overview. I notice that my tenants are also satisfied with a professional manager. Together with Interhouse letting brokers, there is hardly any vacancy and I receive competitive rental prices and the quality of the tenant is extremely good.

Translated from Dutch

Nico de G.

I always managed my apartments myself. I have been rid of these concerns for over 2 years now. Everything is taken care of and there is always only contact with me if necessary. Everything has become more professional and a tenant who always paid hard with me pays on time now. A number of final inspections have also been carried out and completed by them. Chapeau and I should have outsourced it earlier.

Translated from Dutch

Anja W.

I really get more profit from this professional manager. You can tell from that everything that they do, they know what they are doing by detail. In addition, they are very (customer) friendly, practical and solution-oriented.

Translated from Dutch


After the some "fieldwork" we were convinced of Interhouse property management. That turned out to be the right choice. Rents are higher and our results are better, even after management costs have been deducted.

Translated from Dutch

Jan Willem and Julie

Less worries, better returns on investments, satisfied tenants. Win win; I love it.

Translated from Dutch

Adriaan van B.

In times when tenants are becoming wiser and laws and regulations are getting more complex, the added value of a good real estate manager like Interhouse is very great. They are nice and approachable people, but also act decisively and professionally.

Translated from Dutch

Jean Paul van der K.

An apartment has been rented from me since October 2016. So far only praise. Payments go smoothly. I would recommend Interhouse to everyone.

Translated from Dutch

Pamela Bridie

My experiences with Interhouse Rotterdam are positive. They keep their promises, know the market and are always willing to think along if you ask. Enthusiastic employees too, which I also find important.

Translated from Dutch

Jasper van de Kerkhof

Very reliable, professional people with expertise. Easy to contact, honest in agreements, and no hidden costs. I can highly recommend Interhouse!

Translated from Dutch

Ruth van der Hallen

The collaboration is lasted for 6 years now. To this day, we are very satisfied with our choice for Interhouse property management and the pleasant relationship we have built up.

Translated from Dutch

Ronald Stolk

Nice cooperation, professional, fast and clear communication and with warm personal attention.

Translated from Dutch

Helma Donkers

Very customer-oriented, fast service and great approach! Thanks Bianca!

Translated from Dutch

Nelleke Joppe

After discussing the possibility to rent out our home, we met Vincent from Interhouse and we were convinced that leaving our home in his hands it was a good idea. Since day one he showed his outmost professionalism managing the relationship between the company paying for our home, the tenants and my husband and I. It's been almost half a year now and we couldn't be more pleased with our relationship with Interhouse. Keep up the good work!

MG del Castillo

Arranged from A to Z!

Translated from Dutch

Danny de Winter

We have really great experience with Interhouse. They completely unburden you when renting out your property. From the first phone call, the guidance is super. And through their extensive screening, you can be sure that good tenants will be found. Really recommended!

Translated from Dutch

Camiel Hoefs

We have been renting through Interhouse for six months now and are extremely impressed with their service. We did not view the house in person before moving in, but this did not affect the service; Interhouse ensured paintwork was refreshed and new carpets laid - and they even asked us about our preferences. Although the property is virtually maintenance-free, minor technical issues have been attended to very promptly and efficiently, and a broken washing machine was even replaced within 24 hours. The team are friendly and professional, and we thoroughly recommend them!

Daan Elffers

Cooperation with Interhouse Haarlem is pleasant and always very attentive and knowledgeable Great company

Translated from Dutch

Bob Rus

We have worked together for almost 1.5 years. Very professional and good brokers. Sandra is wonderful, great respect for her work and dedication. Great!

Translated from Dutch

Nura Ozk

Translated from Dutch

Orihana Calcines

My wife and I rented via Interhouse as expats for over 2 years. We had a great experience. They were very accessible and helped us solve any problems quickly. As far as rental agencies go, I would say they are on the strict side, but this reflects in the quality of their services. If they had an apartment that matched what we were looking for at the moment we moved, I wouldn’t have hesitated to work with them again.

Lukas Tillmann

Reliable agency involved in renting out two of our properties to expats. They also take care of the daily property management. I would recommend them.

PHJ Pennings

We rent out our house in Amersfoort through Interhouse, during our stay abroad. The service is fast and professional. When the first tenants left, they immediately succeeded in finding new ones without vacancy.

Translated from Dutch

Thijs van Steen

The best experience I have had with a real state. They are so caring and follow everything up in time. Everything is going so fast with them. They care as family and I would recommend this to everyone. 🙂

Soodabeh Amn

Very pleasant, fast and professional contact. All worries can be taken off your hands and the experience drips from it. I would and can recommend Interhouse to anyone. Many thanks!

Translated from Dutch

Joris Kuijcken

I have experienced the people at Interhouse as professional and very friendly. They have helped me very well when renting out my house - new and exciting for me - from the intake up to and including the final transfer. And I look forward to the rental period with confidence, not only because I was impressed by the detailed agreement that was made, but also because they take the management off my hands.

Translated from Dutch

Kim van Bezu

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