Information sessions on investing in real estate letting

Learn more about investing in real estate and put all your questions to the experts

Interhouse letting agents regularly organise free evening information sessions at different offices. These informal and small-scale events deal with a variety of aspects about buy-to-let investments and are meant for beginners as well as more experienced property investors. They provide a relaxed yet interactive and instructive setting.

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The following topics are discussed:

  • The basic principles of investing in real estate
    Direct and indirect return on invested capital
  • Finding and buying a suitable property
    What is the right way to go about this and what are the (classic) pitfalls?
  • Buying and financing
    Putting in your own capital vs. taking out a (partial) loan: what’s the best ratio?
  • Readying a property for letting
    When does your property meet the requirements of the target group?
  • The correct type of tenancy agreement
    Forget standard contracts; customisation is crucial to providing the best-possible protection
  • Finding a suitable tenant
    How do you reach and screen the type of (expat) tenant you’re looking for?
  • Efficient management of your property
    Professional management is essential to earning a better return
  • The Dutch tax authority; box 1 vs. box 3
    Return in box 3 has to meet tax authority criteria. What do you need to know?

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Unfortunately the information sessions are not hosted in English. We do offer the possibility to schedule a one-on-one appointment at one of our offices, if you’re interested in such an appointment, you can use the contact form below.

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