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19 March, 2020Tomas Lim

Delivery of new MINI Electric by Van Poelgeest MINI

Bas Ros of Interhouse letting agents in Haarlem took delivery of a brand new, fully electric MINI from our regular supplier.
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02 March, 2020Michel Lindenburg

A buy-to-let mortgage in 8 steps

Want to borrow money to buy and let a property? Michel Lindenburg explains in 8 steps how you can best arrange financing.
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20 November, 2019Tomas Lim

Planning to let your home? Read our top-5 frequently asked questions (faqs)

Curious to see the top-5 frequently asked questions by (new) landlords? Read our blog.
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18 September, 2019Jeroen Jones

Vlog: A day in the life of a rental estate agent

Curious about a typical working day at and around an Interhouse office? Jeroen Jones takes you with him for a day.
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31 July, 2019Jens Godthelp

The advantages of furnished rentals

Furnished rentals can be a good choice if attention is paid to the right things.
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10 tips to get your home ready to rent out
08 May, 2019Bas Ros

10 tips on preparing to rent out your home 

As an Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals franchisee, I am part of a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who specialise in letting properties.
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13 March, 2019Jeroen Groenewoud

Prior screening of tenants prevents problems later

Renting out residential properties can be advantageous but it is not without risk. A tenant can neglect or damage a property, set up a cannabis ...
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Invest in real estate
22 January, 2019Michiel Pas

What makes someone a good real estate investor?

I meet all kinds of real estate investors in my day-to-day work, a particularly enjoyable aspect of my job. Old-school investors, people with ...
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25 November, 2018Feddo Hartelust

The GDPR: what does it involve and what has changed?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018 in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU. This means there is now ...
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15 November, 2018Rob Antonis

How do I keep my real estate portfolio in box 3?

Real estate management in box 3: having and holding When it comes to your tax return, conducting real estate management can fall under box 1, 2 ...
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11 November, 2018Michael van Kesteren

Fire safety and carbon monoxide risks too often underestimated

Did you know that each year fire breaks out in no fewer than one in 67 homes and that carbon monoxide poisoning claims ten deaths and causes ...
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11 November, 2018Huib Hielkema

Correct use of the right tenancy agreement model of utmost importance

Tenancy law governing residential properties is highly complex. This is mainly due to the high number of legal regulations and because many of ...
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