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Knowledge library for letting and managing residential properties

Welcome to Interhouse’s knowledge library. Interhouse specialises in letting and managing residential properties and as a result has an enormous amount of relevant (specialist) knowledge at its disposal. In addition to the latest news on aspects such as laws and legislation, this page contains expert blogs on letting and managing residential properties.

You’ll find more information on how to go about letting or managing your property (or properties) under ‘letting your property’ and ‘property management’, while the page ‘investing in real estate’ provides more information on investing. Want to get in touch with one of our offices? Just contact us!

Latest news


Bidding Logbook

Digital Overview Makes the Process More Transparent Since this year, real estate agents from the three largest ...
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Buy First or Sell First?

You have your own house but want to move. What will you do? Do you sell your current home first or do you buy a new ...
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What makes Interhouse your knowledge partner?

Interhouse has over 25 years’ experience as a leading service provider in the real estate business. A unique network of franchisees offers specialist property services, including letting and managing residential properties, in their exclusive areas. Interhouse specialists work to the highest standards, always have the best and most up-to-date expertise at their fingertips and are happy to use this on your behalf. Interhouse letting agents let properties to high-quality (expat) tenants at the best-possible terms and conditions every day. They put all their knowledge and resources to work in order to provide landlords with an optimum service. In addition to letting and managing properties, Interhouse sales agents and Interhouse buying agents specialise in selling and buying residential properties.

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