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Formulas developed down to the tiniest detail and constantly evolving

Interhouse has been a leading service provider in the real estate industry for over 25 years. A unique network of expert franchisees provides specialist property-related services in exclusive, localised areas. This creates local companies with a deep knowledge of the industry and their surrounding area. This approach makes an Interhouse office the right party to do business with.

The head office fine-tunes the Interhouse formulas on an ongoing basis, while the number of offices continues to grow. Aspects such as knowledge, (online) marketing, legal matters, customer satisfaction, lead generation and many more are reviewed daily.

The drive to optimise our services is in our DNA, as Interhouse believes that things can always be done better.

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A closer look at the Interhouse formulas

Each service requires different knowledge (of the market), a different network and a customised approach. Interhouse Nederland has developed franchise formulas for the individual services that have been worked out right down to the tiniest detail. The formulas are specialist, recognisable and aimed at providing the best-possible service to all.

Interhouse letting agents

There’s an art to letting or renting a residential property well. It takes specific expertise, knowledge of the local market as well as wide-ranging legal knowledge to operate successfully in this niche market. Only with a developed and sizeable network can you find a high-quality tenant from the right target group or identify the right rental property. A thorough screening process and customised tenancy agreement are crucial to enjoying a carefree tenancy period. With over 25 years in the business, countless transactions and an ongoing focus on the latest developments, a regional Interhouse letting agency is guaranteed to be the right choice.

Interhouse sales agents

There’s an art to making a good property sale. It takes specific expertise, knowledge of the local market and wide-ranging legal knowledge and experience to successfully close a deal. Your agent will devise a customised strategy for reaching a suitable buyer. The basis for this is a high-quality presentation containing first-rate photographs and videos, as well as detailed information in both Dutch and English. Your property will be advertised in the right online and offline media. Your agent will follow up on interested parties and furnish them with all the information they need. Negotiations are conducted correctly but robustly on behalf of clients, and potential buyers can reach the agent seven days a week. With an ongoing focus on the latest developments, a local Interhouse sales agency is guaranteed to be the right choice.


Interhouse aankoopmakelaars

There’s an art to buying the right property. Starters, expats, homeowners wanting to trade up or down and investors all need a reliable agent who knows exactly what they’re doing. It takes specific expertise, knowledge of the local market and wide-ranging legal knowledge and experience to make the right property purchase. As each house hunter has their own individual needs, your agent always applies a customised approach. Your agent has access to the latest property listings and of course knows the regional housing market through and through. Once potential properties are identified, your agent investigates them thoroughly and assesses their suitability. If you and your agent agree that a property is a good buy, your agent will conduct robust negotiations on your behalf and set out clear terms and conditions. Buyers and vendors can reach the agent seven days a week.
A regional Interhouse buying agency is guaranteed to be the best choice.

Interhouse property management

Carefree ownership of real estate comes through its proper and accurate management. Only with the relevant (legal) expertise can the best-possible service be provided. Aspects such as rent collection, technical notifications, correct rent increases, correspondence with tenants, residents’ associations, suppliers and other bodies require discipline. You can rely on receiving proper and accurate management thanks to our easy accessibility (including 24/7) and genuine hands-on mentality. If a tenant fails to meet their obligations, Interhouse will act clearly and robustly but always within the bounds of the law. For relief from the burden of managing your property, a regional Interhouse real estate management office is guaranteed to be the right choice.

What Interhouse always stands for


Interhouse delivers specialist work via each of its formulas and offices. This takes knowledge, the right network and marketing tailored to the area. That’s how we guarantee the best results.

Knowledge partner

Interhouse specialists work to the highest standards and always possess the most thorough and up-to-date expertise. They are happy to put this to use on your behalf.


Working with large assets, contracts and people demands integrity and a sound ethical mindset. These are key qualities at Interhouse. You and your assets are in safe hands.

Making your life easier

Making your life easier from A to Z. However high your expectations, Interhouse specialists will live up to them. They offer high-quality services and a focus on customers.

How customers experience Interhouse

Excellent and very professional service. The communication is very efficient and prompt, making you feel in good hands throughout the entire rental process. I would highly recommend Interhouse!

Translated from Dutch

Julian A. Leu

During this complex Covid 19 period, the Interhouse organization responded very professionally to the changing market conditions and drew attention to the potential risks / consequences for the parties involved in a timely manner. It is an uncertain time for both landlord and tenant and it is pleasant to experience that the (enthusiastic) employees try to serve the parties involved with good advice and a lot of patience. Compliments to the entire team.

Translated from dutch

H. vd Vlugt

I have been working with Interhouse for many years, to my satisfaction, for the rental of my home. Professional company and good tenant screening.

Translated from Dutch

Daan Hogewoning

It doesn't get better than this. For years top quality tenants, hardly any vacancy and the most current good rental contracts. They are always friendly, have really knowledgeable about this specialist broker branch and always roll up their sleeves.

Translated from Dutch

Gert-Jan B.

For many years, Interhouse property management has been managing my houses and I really like it. Every month I receive my rent on time and I receive a neat overview. I notice that my tenants are also satisfied with a professional manager. Together with Interhouse letting brokers, there is hardly any vacancy and I receive competitive rental prices and the quality of the tenant is extremely good.

Translated from Dutch

Nico de G.

I always managed my apartments myself. I have been rid of these concerns for over 2 years now. Everything is taken care of and there is always only contact with me if necessary. Everything has become more professional and a tenant who always paid hard with me pays on time now. A number of final inspections have also been carried out and completed by them. Chapeau and I should have outsourced it earlier.

Translated from Dutch

Anja W.

I really get more profit from this professional manager. You can tell from that everything that they do, they know what they are doing by detail. In addition, they are very (customer) friendly, practical and solution-oriented.

Translated from Dutch


In times when tenants are becoming wiser and laws and regulations are getting more complex, the added value of a good real estate manager like Interhouse is very great. They are nice and approachable people, but also act decisively and professionally.

Translated from Dutch

Jean Paul van der K.

Highly professional agent, communicates quickly and clearly. No surprises and always prepared to go that extra mile. I rate him with a 9.8 out of 10

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

Interhouse buying agents was recommended to me as I experienced difficulty finding an apartment in The Hague. They search the market for you and assist with literally everything related to the purchase. I’m very satisfied. Thanks a lot guys!

Translated from Dutch

Mike Liu

An apartment has been rented from me since October 2016. So far only praise. Payments go smoothly. I would recommend Interhouse to everyone.

Translated from Dutch

Pamela Bridie

Very reliable, professional people with expertise. Easy to contact, honest in agreements, and no hidden costs. I can highly recommend Interhouse!

Translated from Dutch

Ruth van der Hallen

The collaboration is lasted for 6 years now. To this day, we are very satisfied with our choice for Interhouse property management and the pleasant relationship we have built up.

Translated from Dutch

Ronald Stolk

For more than 10 years we rent out both of our apartments through Interhouse letting agents. Our contact is always trusted. They are critical, professional and easy-going. As far as we are concerned, one of the best rental agents.

Translated from Dutch

Gerard van der Tang

We have really great experience with Interhouse. They completely unburden you when renting out your property. From the first phone call, the guidance is super. And through their extensive screening, you can be sure that good tenants will be found. Really recommended!

Translated from Dutch

Camiel Hoefs

Perfect assistance resulted in a highly-efficient process with a fantastic end result. Easy accessibility and excellent knowledge of the market.

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

My experience of this agent is that he sets to work thoroughly and appropriately and possesses a deep knowledge of real estate. I think he’s good at putting himself in the shoes of both the buyer and the vendor, making him an exceedingly competent negotiator for clinching a deal. I can wholeheartedly recommend this agent to sell your property and offer you peace of mind.

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

Interhouse employees

Tomas Lim

Lizzie Lommerse

Robert Blok

Jens Godthelp

Jill Sangers

Marlies Raadersma

Rob Salman

Bas Ros

Sophie Quellhorst

Marije Lim

Sandra van Berkel

Wendy Ros

Antoinette Lieftink

Judith de Regt

Interhouse Haarlem Linda Kooren

Linda Kooren

Nick Visser

Frida Jansen

Jens Godthelp

Naomi van Genderen

Tim Buitelaar

Linda Cijsouw

Jan-Willem Interhouse Haarlem

Jan Willem de Vreeze

Marjolijn Pennings

Robin van Lubeek

Martijn Willemse

Amber Schubert

Michiel Groenewold

Esmee Chaudron

Mareille Piena

Lars Pennings

Jeroen Jones

Joost Guijt

Anouk de Mul

Sonja Verweij

Dirk-Jan Bonenkamp

Nathalie Slettenhaar

Naomi Wallet

Sassenheim Jordy Koomen

Jordy Koomen

Daan Passchier

Cilly de Ruijter

Barend Warnaars

Sabina Träger

Jan-Willem Interhouse Haarlem

Jan Willem de Vreeze

Milou Cools

Daniëlle van Meegen

Carlo Mulder

Madelon van der Schaaff Haarlem

Madelon van der Schaaff

Shannon Metzelaar

André van Kluijve

Kelly Steenbeek

Vincent Cools

Joyce van Grondelle

Isa Bink

Maartje Zonneveld

Interhouse Maartje van Peer

Maartje van Peer

Interhouse Lisse

Hans Kort

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