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Selling your home

Selling your home is something you only do a few times in your life. You want a good price for it and a dependable buyer. The sale process needs to go smoothly, while you need to keep a cool head while emotions run high. Legal issues, the sales agreement and notarial aspects need to be arranged precisely. You want an agent who truly understands you, knows the local housing market through and through and is instinctively able to find the right buyer.

What’s the right way to sell a property?

Selling a property involves a large number of tasks you cannot do on your own. It makes sense to contract a local and experienced specialist to serve your interests from A to Z. Only an agent who knows exactly what makes your home unique, is based locally and can be reached seven days a week can provide potential buyers with all the information they need and succeed in selling your home at a good price.

Interhouse sales agents are just such local experts. Their unique customised approach defines and reaches the right target group of potential buyers. Your property will be examined carefully and presented professionally and appropriately. Interhouse sales agents occupy a dedicated sales role and will do all they can to make the best-possible sale.

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Why choose Interhouse sales agents?

They only operate locally

This is a deliberate USP of Interhouse sales agents. The agent lives in the area in which your home is located and consequently knows all the ins and outs relating to your property, enabling them to provide the most detailed information to potential buyers and to close the best sale.

Customised approach

Each property is different. That’s why our Interhouse sales agents always adopt a customised approach. They pay you a personal visit to inspect and assess your home carefully. This enables your agent to define the right sales strategy, including a customised and fare fee, before setting to work on your behalf.

First-rate knowledge

Interhouse sales agents are certified experts. This is crucial to serving you properly and to acting pro-actively on your behalf.

Member of VastgoedPro

VastgoedPro is a professional body for certified estate agents. Our membership provides all our customers with the guarantees you can expect of a professional estate agent.

What does an Interhouse sales agent do on your behalf?

We’ve listed all the tasks to give you an idea of what is involved.

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What an Interhouse sales agent does on your behalf

  1. After paying your property a visit, the agent carefully analyses a number of aspects, focusing on your wishes and answers in the process. At this stage the agent will make a few initial suggestions about the best sales strategy.
  2. If both parties are happy to proceed, the agent will put a proposal to you. This includes aspects such as tips for readying your property for sale, the asking price, how long it may take to sell, target groups(s), a marketing and sales plan, the amount the property is expected to sell for and the proposed commission for selling the property.
  3. If you agree to the proposal, everything that has been agreed is set out in a document clearly confirming the assignment. This creates a sound basis for a productive partnership.
  4. Your agent schedules appointments to have high-quality photographs taken of your property and if applicable to record a high-end video. They take another critical look at your property and pay particular attention to styling and other aspects.
  5. A dynamic file is created for your assignment via All viewings, correspondence, offers etc. are documented here. This gives you clear insight into the latest information at all times.
  6. A start is made on actively selling your property. It is registered in the information exchange systems of fellow estate agents. Your property is published on,, other relevant housing websites, social media channels and other media where applicable.
  7. Your agent schedules viewings in consultation with you. Your Interhouse sales agent is available seven days a week by appointment for your potential buyers. They are present at each viewing. Interested parties therefore receive the most detailed information thanks to the agent’s wide knowledge of your property and the local area.
  8. You will receive feedback immediately after each viewing, giving you up-to-date, first-hand information from your Interhouse sales agent at all times. This feedback is inputted into the dynamic file via
  9. If any of the potential buyers display interest in the property, you are informed of this immediately. Your agent complies with any requests for additional information and/or documents from the interested party or parties.
  10. Your agent receives and documents offers from potential buyers. They will then discuss the proposals with you, as well as advising on the strategy for further negotiations. If you agree to the approach and terms and conditions, your agent will inform the potential buyer in writing.
  11. Negotiations can now get under way. This is an exciting part of the sales process. All progress is reported back to you and can be consulted in the dynamic file at all times.
  12. If the parties agree, a successful sale is now within reach. The Interhouse sales agent will draw up a sales agreement, including the agreed (resolutive) terms and conditions.
  13. Your agent goes through and explains the sales agreement with you in person at the Interhouse office. If everything is in order, the agreement is sent to the buyer for signature. Once the signed sales agreement has been returned, it is given to you for signature.
  14. The buyer (with or without their own buying agent) may wish to arrange a structural survey of your property. Your agent will arrange this.
  15. Your sales agent keeps a close eye on any important dates stated in the sales agreement. They arrange any scheduling relating to these dates with you or third parties.
  16. All the signed documents are delivered to the notary. The notary draws up the documents covering delivery of the property you have sold. Your sales agent conducts a careful check of these documents.
  17. Shortly before the scheduled transfer your agent runs through a checklist with you in order to guarantee the smooth sale of your property.
  18. On the day of delivery of possession, the buyer (with or without their buying agent) inspects the property together with you and your sales agent and notes the meter readings. This is done before you and your sales agent go to the notary to transfer the property and hand the keys over to the buyer.
  19. The notary arranges payment of the sale transaction. The funds are transferred to your account, any mortgage lender involved and the sales agent.

Congratulations! Your property has been successfully sold.

Interhouse sales agents

Interhouse Haarlem Linda Kooren

Linda Kooren

Jan-Willem Interhouse Haarlem

Jan Willem de Vreeze

Dirk-Jan Bonenkamp

Jens Godthelp


Highly professional agent, communicates quickly and clearly. No surprises and always prepared to go that extra mile. I rate him with a 9.8 out of 10

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

My contacts with Jens Godthelp and his colleagues at Interhouse sales agents in The Hague were always positive. Prompt, clear-cut, friendly and extremely helpful, as well as contributing ideas and thinking ahead. The sale of my apartment (I had previously let it via Interhouse letting agents The Hague) was conducted expertly and as a result quickly and smoothly.

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

Perfect assistance resulted in a highly-efficient process with a fantastic end result. Easy accessibility and excellent knowledge of the market.

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

My experience of this agent is that he sets to work thoroughly and appropriately and possesses a deep knowledge of real estate. I think he’s good at putting himself in the shoes of both the buyer and the vendor, making him an exceedingly competent negotiator for clinching a deal. I can wholeheartedly recommend this agent to sell your property and offer you peace of mind.

Translated from Dutch

A Funda user

More reasons to choose an Interhouse sales agent

  • Easy accessibility
    Interhouse sales agencies are small-scale offices that focus on providing the best-possible service. It’s important for your agent to be easily accessible, even outside normal office hours. This means you always receive first-hand, up-to-date information on your sale.
  • Available 7 days a week
    Properties aren’t always sold between 9am and 5pm. Interhouse sales agents are flexibly available by appointment for you and for potential buyers. That means your property is also viewed and a sale perhaps even clinched outside office hours.
  • Creative
    It takes fresh creativity and knowledge to set the available (online) resources to work and reach the right target group(s). There’s a world of difference between putting something up for sale and making a good sale.
  • Global marketing
    Everything is available in english and in addition to high-quality presentations on, Funda and other reputable websites, we draw up a customised marketing plan. The international (expat) network, social media, video and your own network are also put to use. Your property will come to the attention of the right target group(s) in no time.
  • Customised commission
    The aim is simple: Interhouse sales agents want to deliver more than the amount they charge you for the sale. You can be assured of a fair, customised commission rate, preferably performance-related and based on the marketability of your property.
  • Common goal
    The common goal is to make a good sale. Interhouse sales agents do all they can to achieve that with your assistance.

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