Tijdelijke verhuur

Can you rent out your property temporarily, just like that?

Would you like to rent out your property (temporarily) because you’ll be living elsewhere for a while? Interhouse is here to help! If you’re moving to a temporary location for work, for example, and don’t want to sell your home, renting it out temporarily is a smart option. By temporarily moving out of your property with the intention of returning after a certain period, you can keep the property and generate income, allowing you to comfortably cover monthly expenses.

While it might seem easy to temporarily rent out your property, nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a lot involved in (temporary) property rental. Consider finding a good tenant, complying with the legal obligations a lease agreement must meet, potential conflicts with a tenant, as well as maintenance and repairs that need to be carried out in the property. Especially if you’re unable to address issues or inspect the property regularly yourself, perhaps due to being abroad, this can lead to a lot of hassle and stress. (Update: in 2024, the rules regarding the temporary rental of a property will change. There will still be plenty of options; read all about it in our blog “The Law on Fixed Term Lease .”)

The right tenant for your property

Even when you want to rent out your property temporarily, you naturally want the best tenant who will take good care of your property. If you return to your own property after a few years, you don’t want to find it in poor condition. Additionally, you certainly don’t want to deal with tenants who don’t pay. With our years of experience, we know what to look for when finding the right tenant. Moreover, a thorough screening process takes place to reduce the risk of encountering tenants who don’t take good care of the property.

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Lease agreement for temporary property rental

By having the right tenancy agreement drawn up, you can safely rent out your property temporarily. There are many legal provisions to consider when entering into a tenancy agreement, such as the correct rent and notice period. Interhouse’s tenancy agreements are fully up to date to comply with current regulations. They are drafted by a leading law firm (specialized in tenancy law) and formed by our extensive experience.

Tenants enjoy significant letting protection in the Netherlands. If you don’t comply with the formalities when entering into or terminating the tenancy agreement, you risk being unable to terminate the tenancy agreement at all, and tenants may be allowed to stay in your house indefinitely. We are well-versed in these regulations and can help you navigate them.

Check-in to temporary housing

After everything is settled and the tenancy agreement is signed, the key handover takes place. We are present to conduct a thorough initial inspection of the property. This is crucial to prevent disputes later on. Through an inspection report and a detailed photo report, Interhouse documents the condition of the property. This information can be used at the end of the rental period to determine damages and defects.

Management of your property during temporary rental

The boiler is broken and a technician needs to come as soon as possible. When you’re abroad, and perhaps dealing with a time difference, it’s not always possible to respond quickly. This may be a factor holding you back from temporarily rental your property. When choosing Interhouse property management to take care of managing your property during temporary rental, this is not a concern. We use reliable partners who can work quickly and efficiently. Our approach is to check with you first regarding the (significant) costs involved. Then, we ensure that the issue is resolved in consultation with the tenant as quickly and efficiently as possible, at a reasonable cost. The invoice we receive for this is offset against the rent, so you don’t have to worry about it. This way, you spend as little time as possible on the temporary rental of your property.

woninginspectie bij tijdelijke verhuur

Final inspection after temporary property rental

In addition, Interhouse property management also conducts the pre-inspection and final inspection of the property after temporary property rental. We know better than anyone what to look for during such a final handover. With the right tips & tricks, we prepare tenants for the final handover as much as we can, often preventing problems during the actual handover. During the thorough final inspection, defects and damages (that were not noticed or reported during the pre-inspection) are documented as much as possible, and agreements are made about the necessary actions and about who is responsible for them. We manage the security deposit so that we can offset any repair and cleaning costs with it. Yet another thing else you don’t have to worry about when temporarily renting out your property.

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