Delivery of new MINI Electric by Van Poelgeest MINI

All our Interhouse employees have driven MINIs since 2001, making them pioneers of modern MINI driving. We remember as if it were yesterday how many thumbs up and enthusiastic comments we received for this rebranded icon at the time.

Since then – and to this day – all the Interhouse letting agencies and Interhouse real estate management offices have owned a fleet of MINIs. We may have a range of different models, but they are of course instantly recognisable thanks to their uniform finish and branding.

Nearly 20 years on and many dozens of MINIs later, our regular supplier is still Van Poelgeest MINI. It has now grown to six outlets and become a leading dealer of this sought-after car. To us, the MINI has become part of our DNA and a true friend of the Interhouse brand. The MINI brand has grown in tandem with our group. Many customers recognise us (partly) from these cars. A combination of style, high quality and the determination to do all it can for its customers along with a firm emphasis on safety makes the MINI an excellent match for the values we stand for. There is really no other car that possesses these characteristics to such a degree.

A fully electric MINI has recently been launched. With outlets throughout the Netherlands and mainly in major cities, Interhouse is committed to using electric vehicles. We want to do our bit to reduce emissions in densely-populated areas of the Netherlands. Bas Ros is the lucky recipient of our first electric MINI, and indeed of the very first electric MINI to be delivered to Van Poelgeest MINI in Heemstede. A very special occasion, and one that will be marked by an article in business magazine ‘Into Business Haarlemmermeer’.

We are constantly evolving, and as of today are on the road in our first electric MINI.


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