Interhouse sales agents open a new office in Haarlem!

Interhouse sales agents open a new office in Haarlem!

Brand new franchisee and certified real estate agent Jan Willem de Vreeze has started with Interhouse sales agents in Haarlem. Together with his wife Linda Kooren, they are an extremely energetic and professional team with an unprecedented network. They are ready to optimally sell any home in Haarlem and surrounding area. So are you ,or do you know someone, who wants to sell a home in this area, and who wants the approach you are used to get from Interhouse? Please contact us or come by. The office is located at the same address as the rental agency, but has its own entrance. It is a beautiful office space with its own patio garden, in the pleasant city center. In Haarlem, the Interhouse forces have now been combined to the maximum. Curious and interested in this newest location?

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Interhouse Haarlem Linda Kooren

Linda Kooren

Real Estate Specialist

Jan-Willem Interhouse Haarlem

Jan Willem de Vreeze

Owner/Registered broker