Investing in real estate
is a solid choice

Smart investment with an attractive return.
It’s a low-risk investment.

Investing in real estate

Are you looking for security for your money and a sound return? If so, making a smart investment is of the utmost importance. Interhouse has many years of experience in successfully assisting clients in smart investments. We provide customised and professional advice on all aspects of the investment: purchase, letting and management.

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Investing in real estate

A smart investor puts his or her money into the right real estate. This guarantees the value of your assets and generates a sound return, minimising the risk on your investment.

  • Professional advice

    Our specialist agents provide professional advice via their knowledge of the real estate market and applicable laws and legislation. We put this knowledge at your disposal so you can make a secure investment in real estate.

  • Rules and regulation

    Even with the right investment, your rental plans can be influenced by rules and regulations. Matters such as the housing valuation system, the rental price law, landlord levy and rent protection and local regulations are all included in our appropriate advice. This assures you will never be faced with legal surprises.

  • Low risk profile

    Investment can be risky, intangible and unpredictable. Interhouse constantly monitors all the variables in order to minimise the risk. We select high-calibre tenants, enabling you to let your real estate responsibly.

  • International reach

    Once you have made the investment, the property needs to be let. Our specialist letting agents have a wide international reach. This allows us to find and contract the most suitable tenant for your real estate. High-calibre (international) tenants, housed under your roof in no time.

  • Smart investment

    Purchasing the right investment on the advice of Interhouse is a smart investment. Experience shows that a return of 4 to 7.5% is realistic. Furthermore, your readily marketable real estate can be sold at any time, releasing your funds again.

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  • Interhouse is hands down the best Rental Agency in Amsterdam. Working with them for over 6 years, renting properties, very professional and reliable, definitely recommend them for renting your property as well as expats that are searching for the right place to live. Just give them a call or walk in and find out for yourself.

    De heer W. Koning
  • We are satisfied about the services offered by Interhouse. They always react quick and they are very reliable. Outstanding services level for us and for tenants with a broad and good network.

    H. de Vries
  • Thank you for all the help and support provided throughout the stay at Smaragdhorst. It really has made the stay more convenient for us as tenants.

    B. Shakh
  • Excellent and very professional service. The communication is very efficient and prompt, making you feel in good hands throughout the entire rental process. I would highly recommend Interhouse!

    Julian A. Leu
  • Binnen een maand een perfecte woning in Hilversum. Communicatie zoals het moet zijn. Serieus, vriendelijk en een beetje humor. Debby en Carolijn hebben mij echt geholpen. Fijn! David

    David Price
  • As a host I used this agency's services to set up the rental contract and do the check-in. Their advice has been very useful, they were always easy to reach if I had questions.

    Cyril Schmidt
  • Carolijn and Debby have been instrumental in securing the perfect home away from home, immediate and clear communications and lovely attitude!!! Willing to go to the extra mile to make me comfortable. Thank you Carolijn.

    Fatima Daniels
  • Top communicatie en erg professioneel begeleid gedurende de huur van mijn appartement.

    Colin de Jonge
  • Snelle service, ben tevreden!

    Kervann Ronn
  • Hartelijk dank voor alles wat jullie voor mij gedaan hebben. Ik vind jullie erg professioneel en menselijk. De waarden waar jullie als bedrijf voor staan, heb ik allemaal teruggezien en gevoeld in het contact. Chapeau. Ik zal jullie in mijn omgeving sterk promoten.

    Interhouse Breda customer