Investing in a community rather than just apartments

Westplan Investors is just one of the many investors that have opted to use Interhouse letting agents to rent out their residential properties. The complex containing rental apartments is much more than just apartments though, and this makes it an exceptional project. Evan Swaak, the asset manager for Marius, tells us more in this blog.

When we started putting together the plans for our complex ‘Marius’ located in Warmond, we wanted to make more than just apartments. We wanted to create welcoming housing available for people of all ages. A place where people can live, work and play. An environment where you can connect with your neighbors in a meaningful way, and where your daily amenities are right outside the door.

Our American roots (kind of)
The developer of Marius is a Dutch businessman with local roots that has successfully developed multi-family communities across the southern part of the United States for more than 25 years. In this time period more than 17,000 apartments have been developed equaling to approximately $1.7 billion of investments since the start. One of the reasons for the success was that communities, rather than just apartments, were created. A community where our residents, not tenants, can make use of a fitness facility, swimming pool, common areas, co-working space and doggy wash. By including all of these amenities into our complexes, we can ensure that people are happy staying with us.

Marius apartments
This idea of community living is what we wanted to create for our future guests in Warmond. We have created a fully functioning fitness area where our guests can exercise for free. In the chapel we created a common space serviced with a coffee machine, pool table, lounge chairs and co-working spaces so that a quiet working area is never too far from home. A dog-washing station is located close to the washing machines, ensuring everyone living with us can have a clean home. In the summertime, guests can enjoy the backyard BBQ’s suitable for gatherings with the family or neighbors. All of this located within a historical and serene forest that draws you in and makes you never want to leave.

Our partnership with Interhouse letting agents
When it became time to open Marius up to its future residents, we decided to work with Interhouse letting agents because they know the local market and understand the importance of finding suitable and quality renters for our community. When any problems arose, their clear communication led to quick solutions. Within a month after the completion of Marius, all 94 non-furnished apartments were rented out.

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