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Make your home ready to sell with our styling tips

After long deliberation, a decision has been made: you are going to sell your home. Exciting! With using a few simple sales styling tips, you can make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. Do you also want to sell your home quickly(er)? Then read on!

1: Clean up your clutter

It might seem like a cliché… But did you know that besides clutter lying around, there are a lot of other things that can also just be thrown aside? Think of jackets, shoes, sports bags, toys, books, kitchen appliances, food bowls for your pets, chlorine or shampoo bottles, but also personal items such as photos, children’s drawings, collections, etc.

2: Create more space in your home

Place your furniture as spacious as possible and remove stools, chairs or other smaller furniture. This makes the floor area optically larger and makes it easier for potential buyers to move through the home. So: clean up clutter, unnecessary furniture and personal items. The less stuff, the better!

3: Clean your home (excessively well)

Don’t feel like cleaning? Sorry, but now is the time! Provide a clean and fresh home; clean everything thoroughly, open windows and doors for fresh air, clean windows and mirrors and make sure that your toilet, bathroom and kitchen look great. A clean home is more attractive and gives the impression that you have things well organised!

4: Provide a lot of light in and around the home

Open your curtains, raise your awning and turn on an extra light (also during the day) to illuminate dark corners, so that the room appears larger. Is it already dark outside and are you getting viewers? Light a candle and think about your outdoor lamps and garden lighting.

5: Tackle small chores

Mold in the shower corner, loose door handles, peeling paint, worn carpeting, a clogged roof drain. Those small – seemingly insignificant – tasks give the impression that there is much more overdue maintenance than meets the eye. So: take a critical look at your home and work through these kinds of points. This way you can make your home ‘ready to move in’ in no time. And that immediately sounds a lot more attractive in the advertisement!

6: The finishing touches…

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s: take children and pets to the neighbours, empty the laundry basket, provide nice scents in the home, put a bunch of flowers on the table, sweep the sidewalk, remove the car from the door, remove weeds and dead plants from the garden and ensure that there is a pleasant temperature in your home.

And that apple pie? Always a good idea! Don’t feel like or have time to bake an apple pie? Put down coffee (also smells delicious!) with a bowl of cookies, or light an (apple pie) scented candle. Your mouth will water…

SO: Ensure a fresh, tidy home and as few distractions as possible.

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